About Oracle

I think a lot. I’m also a writer. Sci-fi and fantasy are my preferred genres, but my ideas aren’t limited to the realms of the fantastic. There’s good old mundane real life. But when you think about it, there’s nothing mundane about it. Every little thing you encounter has a story, a history that might surprise you. Yes, I think about these things.

I think about bigger pictures, too. There are more worldwide crises than I can count: Wars, terrorism, economic debacles, international trade scandals, natural disasters, and on and on to boggle the mind. Yet for all the bad, there is good, great good that gets little recognition.

Then there’s the world of the theoretical. I’m no scientist, but I can appreciate the enormous ideas surging from all points of the scientific community. Futurist thinking intrigues me. There are TV shows that explore new thought in physics and related sciences that really get me going. “Through the Worm Hole with Morgan Freeman” is a great example of this. Other shows inspire me, as well. I won’t go into them here–I have the rest of the blog for that.

Then there are the things that I come up with myself. One of my lifelong interests–if not obsessions–are the superhero universes. I know they’re fantasy worlds. I know people can’t fly or shoot laser beams from their eyes. That said, there’s something to the entire genre that speaks to people. There is so much bad in the world that we crave something or someone to bring us hope. Sure, there is religion, and there is hope in the many stories of people doing good, but we can’t help wishing for more. So if you see me dwell on that once in a while, don’t be surprised. There is something to it, and I like to dig at it.

I also wonder about the metaphysical and how it can tie in to science. When a bunch of people had a “bad feeling” before 9/11, before major earthquakes, and so on, I’m one of them. I had many, many dreams about planes crashing just before 9/11. I get a vague “bad feeling” just before other events, including this week’s attacks in Norway. I’m not the only one, and I want to know why this happens. Is there a collective consciousness after all?

That’s the gist of it. Are you on board?


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