On the Brink

The world has morphed far more in the past two centuries than in recorded history. Bring a simple peasant from the thirteenth century into the twenty-first century, and there is every chance she will have a nervous breakdown.

Science introduces us to new concepts on a daily basis. The mysteries of the elements have been largely explained, taking us from a world ruled by superstition and setting us into a previously unimaginable future.

So what does our future hold? Visionaries suggest a world running on solar and wind power in which flying cars autopilot people to important business meetings and cancer no longer steals lives. Others predict an apocalypse of scant resources and war.

Who knows?

I want to explore ideas. They range from bold to fantastical to mundane. Whether my thoughts are realistic or not doesn’t matter. This is a space where I can muse, wonder aloud, forge my philosophical path.

I am beholden to no one but myself in this blog. If you want to participate, you are welcome.

I am a dreamer. Are you?


About Oracle

Sensing and looking for the future.

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